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Creative Expression Coach

Hi, I’m Tina!

As a 6th generation Californian my obsession with health and wellness was passed down through my grandmother and parents. I’m a voracious reader and continue to learn more everyday on subjects from holistic health to psychology, a habit that came in handy while learning how to recover from chronic illness. While discovering how to manage symptoms I found that connection and expression were as vital to healing as any other natural or medical health measures I had taken.

 From working at a crisis hotline and a health food store, to getting my BFA and studying art in Brussels, I saw firsthand the positive effects of connection, open-mindedness, and creativity. My past experiences combined with my current Reiki practice has shown me the importance of:

  • Experiential learning. I’m certain that doing is the most powerful way to learn.
  • Supportive gathering. Getting vulnerable with others has played a pivotal role in coming back home to myself.  

  • Creative expression. Tapping into my own emotions inspired some of my most fulfilling work.

Habit Refresh explores creative expression as a wellness method with a supportive village. My mission is to guide others through a process that provides the structure, accountability, and support needed on the journey to renewing your voice, mind, and spirit. 

If you’re interested in transforming old patterns, sharing the messy parts of yourself, and expressing your way to freedom, I would love to get to know you better! Let’s connect!

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